Shardlands on Android

Good news to all Android gamers, Shardlands was released today for Android on Google Play Store! It’s a free download with an in-app purchase to unlock the full content and remove ads. Get yours today, and let us know how do you like the game on Android.

Our next game is called Infinite Plane

We’re currently busy working on a new atmospheric first-person puzzle game that goes by the name of Infinite Plane. We released a teaser trailer back in December that shows some of the locations in an early version of the game. The game will be released in the next couple of months for iPhone, iPad, iPod… Read the full article →

A new year – a new look

We’ve updated all our sites, yay! The company site got a new fresh look with a lighter and more colourful theme, and was also tuned a bit. All sites have been moved to new hosting at WebFaction. Looking from here, things are working quite a bit faster than before. I hope you too can… Read the full article →